French Linen Organic (Talc Free) Vegan Body Powder

Milk Street Soap Co.

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French Linen Organic (Talc Free) Vegan Body Powder
French Linen Organic (Talc Free) Vegan Body Powder
French Linen Organic (Talc Free) Vegan Body Powder

FRENCH LINEN Organic (Talc Free) Vegan Body Powder

Patchouli, geranium, sweet orange & lavender essential oil blend.  

Elegant, sensual & luxuriously feminine (although smells FOXY on a man!).

Organic premium ingredients:  Arrowroot powder, Kaolin Clay,  Tapioca root powder, Non-GMO sodium, bicarbonate.  

Have you been missing Body Powder? The link between commercial talc body powder and Ovarian Cancer has turned an entire generation away from powder!  Yikes!!


Plant based, Meticulously organic ingredients, Simple, Silky, Moisture Absorbing  & Smells AMAZING!!

No Talc!  No Synthetics!  No Aluminum or Cornstarch!  Gluten Free!!  

Our Organic, Talc Free Body Powder is SAFE, wonderful  and so useful!!  Gentle enough to use daily and everywhere.   

     ….and we mean EVERYWHERE!!

Dust body, folds, privates, feet

After shower dry, soft goodness before bed

Light deodorant or over natural deodorants to boost success

Dry Shampoo

Prevent Chafing

Freshen inside of shoes

Baby’s bottoms & chubby folds

Magically removes sand from feet & legs at the beach

Helps slide arms & legs into wetsuits

     ...and so much more!

Milk Street Soap powder on your skin is silky, comfortable, dries perspiration and body odor, softens, freshens and...You will SMELL AMAZING!  


Local, Family Business.  Handcrafted on the beautiful OUTER BANKS of North Carolina!  FEEL the synergy of  ECO Sustainable products, premium ingredients and healthy, GLOWING skin!

Nurturing people is our love language!  Thank you for your orders, showers and support!  We deeply appreciate you all! 


The Meacham Family

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