Oily Skin Vegan LUXURY Soap Bar

Milk Street Soap Co.

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Oily Skin Vegan LUXURY Soap Bar
Oily Skin Vegan LUXURY Soap Bar

Oily Skin Vegan LUXURY Soap Bar

Dose:  Acne Bacteria, Dirt & Oil, Gently Exfoliate, Polish, Hydrate, Reduce Pores & Blemishes.

Organic charcoal, cocoa butter, tea tree, lavender, geranium & lemongrass essential oil blend. Mineral health, clears acne & absorbs oils.  Light exfoliation, right hydration, detox skin. 

Clean Youthful Glow!  Gentle enough for daily use for face & body.


At Milk Street Soap Co. we believe in preposterous organic bubbles with aromatic scents, nurturing moisture, exceptional Earth-conscience quality. We use only the best and most thoughtful ingredients in and around our products, including the post consumer paper of the wrappers and the compost-able ink printed on them. 

60 showers average- long lasting value!

Organic, Sustainable, Fair Trade

Gluten free, nutrient fresh, and contains no petroleum, or synthetic ingredients. 


Local, Family Business.  Handcrafted on the beautiful OUTER BANKS of North Carolina!  FEEL the synergy of  ECO Sustainable products, premium ingredients and healthy, GLOWING skin!

Nurturing people is our love language!  Thank you for your orders, showers and support!  We deeply appreciate you all! 


The Meacham Family

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