Sunshine Shea Body Butter - Wholesale (* NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER)

Milk Street Soap Company

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Sunshine Shea Body Butter - Wholesale  (* NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER)
Sunshine Shea Body Butter - Wholesale  (* NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER)

SUNSHINE Shea Body Butter

Thick Winter Lotion!
Our creamy whipped body butter penetrates deep into skin for luxurious softness and hydration. Anti-aging properties help to protect against free radicals. Gentle for sensitive skin too.

Lemongrass, sweet orange & rosemary essential oil blend.  Turmeric has been added to boost circulation for a healthy glow!  Abundantly joyful!  Refreshing, earthy, bright, summery citrus!

Organic Skin Superfood: Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut, avocado & almond oils.  Vitamin E.


At Milk Street Soap Co. we believe in super skin food organic ingredients with aromatic scents, nurturing moisture, exceptional Earth-conscience quality. We use only the best and most thoughtful ingredients in and around our products, including the recyclable tin, post consumer paper of the stickers, and the compost-able ink printed on them.

Perfect after shower and handwashing, Oil Cleansing, and make-up removal.

Organic, Sustainable, Fair Trade.

Gluten free, nutrient fresh, and contains no petroleum, or synthetic ingredients.


Suggested Directions:
+ After towel drying, apply like a lotion to face and body.

+ For dry hands, elbows, and feet- apply before bed for extra moisture.

+ Daily Oil Facial Cleansing- apply a small amount to dry face and neck. Massage gently for a few minutes. Drape skin with a well-wrung hot washcloth and allow oils to steam. Repeat as desired and then gently wipe away remaining oil.

+ Frequent breast health massage- apply small amount and cup breast. Rub in slow circles, clockwise and then counter 25 times. Massage each separately. Perky!

+ Make-up removal- apply with soft, clean cloth and wipe away excess.

Please note:
Store in a cool, dry place. Some color variation may occur with age. Best used within a year of purchase. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. External use only.


Local, Family Business.  Handcrafted on the beautiful OUTER BANKS of North Carolina!  FEEL the synergy of  ECO Sustainable products, premium ingredients and healthy, GLOWING skin!

Nurturing people is our love language!  Thank you for your orders, showers and support!  We deeply appreciate you all! 


The Meacham Family

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